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about us


MSV sport has been part of a family business since 1923,In 2004 it made the needs of sport merchandising in England and after a short period of time it accomplished to be the leading brand in the country.In order Spain, Italy, Austria, and France and lastly entering the market in Turkey at the year 2011.

MSV has successfully made production agreements with Turkeys distinguished football clubs; these include Beşiktaş JK, Fenerbahce SK, Galatasaray AŞ, and Trabzonspor AŞ. And has acquired the merchandising rights for these clubs.90 years process of quality our companies aim is to provide our customers with innovative products as well as providing quality of service, we make sure all manufacturing and procedures are carried out in the most perfect way until it reaches the customer.The success of our company is all thanks to our business cooperation’s and work colleagues.Our understanding at MSV is that if we satisfy our customers with products and services they will always come back to us. Also if our colleagues are happy with their work environment they will give the best possible service to our customers all the time.