Turkey's Largest Football Scarfs Manufacturer


We have a factory cooperation with all employees within the country. With all their rights protected and safe.

We make sure to make employees living and working conditions better. We provide this by giving necessary support to the employee more informed about new developments within the company.

Every cooperation we do with companies is always planned long term and constant dialog. We apply the following policies to improve working conditions.

* We make sure the companies we work with, within the country has been institutionalized and is a brand. Also is within our standards.

* Making necessary control inspections by independent auditory companies.

* We do active detailed planning of internal and external production process with our suppliers and their companies.

* We prefer factories we have a cooperation with are registered to the FFC (fair factory clearinghouse) system.

* We would like our cooperating companies to have passed all quality control system, whatever country they are located at.

* We work together with all factories very close, providing the necessary information and training for our controls.

* We require controls on a regular basis making sure its done 3 months.

* We renew and update our website every 3 months.

* We encourage our customers to visit our factories.